"You and Maleek are so positive with the kids. I always want to take the chance for them to be with you to feel good about themselves." - Anastasia Lazarakis

"Bobby had a great training session with Maleek this morning. He'd like to train with him thoughout July and August." - Lindsay LoBue, parent

"I wanted to let you know Jax's first game back on his travel team he made 3 three pointers!!! Told some parents about him training over the summer. They started calling them the Hamptons 3's. Thanks again!
- Kaleen Lemmon, parent

"Maleek was fantastic with the kids and did a great job. I wasn't around much but my kids told me what a great time they had. Thanks again." - Dave Sirkin, parent

"Marcus is great with the kids. My boys both love Hoop Hampton." - Anjali Chugh, parent

"The person that I admire most is probably my basketball coach Marcus. And here are some reasons why I choose Marcus. One day I woke up feeling proud. It was my first day playing basketball. I looked out my window the sun was shining on my face. It felt so good. My dad said "Quinn get in the car we are going to be late for basketball camp." My heart was pumping a billion times a millisecond. I was so nervous! The moment I got there a really nice coach started welcoming me. His name was Marcus. I could tell by his name tag. So he got me in the gym and we started to play ball. And from that day on he's been teaching me ever since I was six. And we have so many memories like that." - Quinn Foley, player

"Thank you for teaching me to shoot lefty. You know how I said Bridgehampton is the best team that went underfeated, I just had practice with them and played the best players on their team. My shot has improved a lot." - Mason Jefferson, player

"I scored 8 points today in our game. Working with you has definitely improved my game."
- Aryan Chugh, player

"I've been thinking about training with you again so I can play AAU. You're one of the only people I could ask to help me strive for better. You're a good genuine person and I've always looked up to you as a man and a role model." - Josue Bedell, player